Hilarious Filipino TV Moments

Everyone who goes on air nails it at some point, but most of us have had the good fortune not to do so while a camera was rolling. These guys weren’t so lucky. Every day, news anchors, celebrities and even ordinary people [who caught off guard and caught by media] go on live, so when bloopers happen, (and bloopers always do happen), those mistakes are seen by a lot of people. In fact, now that it's easy to upload videos to YouTube and other sharing sites on the web, the trend of Filipino TV bloopers achieving viral video status is just getting started!

Here are some of our favourites:

10. Laglag Pustiso ni Ate
When this girl couldn’t handle the situation and sentiment; derange and battling her emotions with the camera when suddenly her denture (pustiso) falls off, a true friend picks her denture up and gave it! Even her friends couldn’t stop laughing while hiding their face on the camera.
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